25Vertical Jump 101: Expert tips to increase your vertical


A strong vertical jump is imperative for every professional or amateur athlete who also wants to be a successful basketball or volleyball player. It also helps to improve overall body flexibility. An organized training program to develop and tone your muscles can help you increase your vertical jump. This training will also help you to gain strength to run faster and defense strongly.


Here are some simple tips which you can follow to increase your vertical jump.


– Develop Strength – Increasing legs and hip strength will automatically improve the ability to produce force. Your ability to jump higher will depend upon the force you exert against the ground. It is important that you don’t over-exert and get yourself injured. Your training program should be brief but intense. Your strength building program should focus on training the entire body.


– Increase Body Flexibility – Increasing the flexibility of calves, hamstring and hip flexors will aid in improving the vertical jump.


– Develop more Power – Practice jumping as high as you can. Some exercises like hopping, bounding and jumping are designed to increase power. Poly metrics, if practiced properly can prove to be a great tool to increase vertical jump. It also helps your nervous system to do athletic movements more efficiently.


– Build a strong Core – Your core (hip flexors, abs and lower back) play an important role in successful jumping. Try new and creative exercises to strengthen your core. A strong core will help maximize your vertical jump.


Here are some exercises which should be incorporated in your training program:


– Jump Rope – If done regularly, rope jumping will strengthen your muscles to execute a successful vertical leap. Jump on hard surface and with time increase your speed. Alternatively, you can also run up and down the stairs.


– Perform Squat – Performing full range squats can help you build your leg muscles. Incorporate this in your daily workout regime and as you improve, increase the number of sets and reps.


– Build Calf Muscles – Build the lower leg with at least 1,000 calf raises a day. This is a simple exercise and can be performed anywhere.


– Jumping over Obstacles – It harnesses explosive power. Set targets and try and do maximum jumps in a minute. Also do elevated and double jumps to build strength.


Be careful not to follow any random exercise program. Do proper research and check various sites for reviews of a particular training program.