If you are into increasing your vertical jump, then you must have heard about The Jump Manual. This is an eBook that is written by professional trainer Jacob Hiller, who has worked with countless professional players on improving their vertical jump. Today we look at The Jump Manual Reviews, by focusing mainly on the pros and cons of the 12-week training course by Jacob Hiller




  1. Time Sensitive


While there might be one or two lengthy exercises in this eBook, most exercises will often take only 5-10 minutes of your time. This means that if got out of bed at least 30 minutes earlier, you would be able to perform these training techniques. This ultimately means that you are able to increase your vertical fast.


  1. Well-Renowned Author


Jacob Hiller is a well-renowned author that is recognized around the world for his effective training techniques in helping professional athletes such as NBA players. He has also worked with Olympic players who hire him as a personal coach. It is because of this that the Jump Manual reviews, techniques, and overall training is highly recommended for individuals who want to increase their vertical


  1. Backed up by Science


While making the Jump Manual reviews, we noticed that that the author, Jacob Hiller, also included nutritional facts. This is important, since what makes up your diet is important for your training. Moreover, topics such as ‘The Science of Optimal Results’ takes a detailed look as what it takes to increase your vertical.


  1. Detailed Explanations


The Jump Manual reviews, especially the explanations are well detailed, in terms of what exercise to do when, how to do it, number of reps or sets you need to ensure that you have done in order to increase your vertical. Moreover, the explanations are supported by videos which show you exactly how to perform a certain exercise in order to benefit in the best way possible. You even get tips on how to do the exercise.




  1. Weights Accessibility


The Jump Manual reviews would not be complete without looking at some of the cons of this eBook. One of them is the fact that a lot of the exercises and workout routines in the manual require weights. Jacob Hiller, however, gives you alternatives to using weights, which is a good thing if come to think of it.


Overall, if you are looking for a way to increase your vertical jump fast, then this is the eBook for you. The program training does not take much of your time, workouts are backed up by scientific facts, the explanations are detailed, and the writer behind the book is well-known in this field of training. We believe that these Jump Manual reviews will help you jump even higher.