images-5An increasing number of athletes are discovering the importance of having the ability to make the best vertical jumps whenever necessary. A vertical jump of about 40 to 50 inches can be quite useful in getting past opponents and many other instances. This is why athletes from all around the world are constantly looking at various vertical jump program reviews in a bid to find the best program as per their needs and preferences.


Read on to learn more about the most popular and effective vertical jump programs as per the numerous vertical jump program reviews available.


Jump Manual


The Jump manual has been extensively covered in a variety of vertical jump program reviews. This is by far one of the oldest and most popular vertical jump programs in existence today. It focuses on different approaches meant to push the margins during training and help you achieve the highest jump you can possibly make.


The Jump Manual was developed by Jacob Hiller some years back. Since then, it has been touted as one of the most effective programs out there by athletes and vertical jump program reviews as well. To make the program as effective as it is, the creator regularly adjusted it in a bid to attain perfection. He uses research and studies to focus on the most important aspects of your jump.


Vert Shock


This is one of the latest programs to feature in vertical jump program reviews. It has generated a lot of interest from athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve on their vertical jump. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this program introduces some much needed changes in the principles used by existing vertical jump programs.


Vert Shock as described in vertical jump program reviews was introduced by two established basketball players, Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’. It introduces a variety of body hacks and advanced plyometric exercise not seen before in the existing vertical jump programs.


According to most vertical jump program reviews, this program is a great fit for athletes looking to do less strength training. Furthermore, it requires less training time, incorporating more breaks and off periods. On the other hand, the program is ruthless on the joints, and therefore not suitable for anyone with knee or ankle problems.


Your Perfect Fit


Now that you have an idea of two of the most effective vertical jump programs from the vertical jump program reviews, you will be asking yourself which the best option is? As a rule of thumb, Vert Shock is best suited to younger athletes who are in great physical condition, and vent suffered joint injuries. The Jump Manual, on the other, hand is best suited to older athletes or those who have joint issues.