images-4Among the standard tests that are used in measuring competency in basketball, playing is a vertical jump test. How this type of test works involves taking the distance in between the feet and the floor once a jump is started. Simply said, it measures the vertical height that is jumped. There are also different timing systems which are used in measuring the time of the jump. After that, the vertical jump height is then calculated.


Things to Consider


When doing a vertical jump test, there is some equipment that is involved. Since it is an activity that involves the need for measuring something, you will need to prepare a measuring tape or at least a marked wall. You will also need a chalk if you are planning to use a marked wall. Other options may include a jump mat or Vertec.


A vertical jump testis conducted by letting the athlete stand at one side of a wall, reaching up using the hand that is closest to the wall. While doing so, the feet need to stay flat on the ground while the edges of the fingertips are being recorded or marked. This particular measurement is the standing reach height.


After this, the athlete needs to step away from the wall and asked to leap as high as he can using both of his arms and legs in assisting towards projecting the body in an upward direction. This technique in jumping may either use a countermovement or not. It is essential that the athlete tries to reach the highest portion of the wall as he jumps.


The difference between the jump height and the standing reach height is now the score of the athlete for the vertical jump test. The best score out of three attempts is generally the one that is being recorded.


Variation of the Vertical Jump Test


A variation of this technique is done by using special equipment known as the Vertec. It is a procedure which is quite similar to the manual one. However, jump height is measured using a jump mat that measures effectively the hips displacement. For an accurate measurement, the athlete needs to make sure that his feet will land back on the mat with legs extended fully. At the same time, measurement of the vertical jump height is usually done using a timing mat.


As mentioned earlier on, the vertical jump test is performed usually along with a counter movement where bending of knees happen right before the jump. There are other variations of the vertical jump test wherein no arm movements are involved. This highly depends on the sport that is involved and the relevance of the test.