basketball-85919__480Jumping is one of the best exercises that make athletes to be physical fit as well as make them have an excellent upward momentum. When jumping is done professional, it becomes a vital step towards achieving full body fitness and flexibility which in turn improve the athlete’s or player’s performance. In jumping, people should focus on timing, totally body alignment and ensuring that all your body parts work in coordination and uniformity. Below are the 7 tips to jump high as many experienced athletes have reported.


  1. Proper Positioning of The Feet


Make sure that you drive enough balance from your feet. Place the feet to face outwards a bit so that you can be in balanced position. Here, you are trying to lower the center of gravity so that when you apply force of going up, much effort will be used to overcome the force of gravity and you will go high. Make sure that you land on your feet after jumping.


  1. It’s good to Ensure That You Use Your Arms as among the 7 tips to Jump High.


Your arms should be left hanging and loosely positioned so that you don’t create a burden to your legs. It is normally unnoticed how the hands jeopardize the jumping capability of a person, but as you practice daily, you will find out. The hands increase the momentum as you are leaving the ground after you apply the jumping force. Your joins and force of the hands play a critical role in your jumping.


  1. Swinging Your Arms when Jumping


Swinging your hands is one of the 7 tips to jump high, but it is good for the small heights because you could become lazy easily. Swing your arms when you have to jump the highest heights that you have never jumped before.


  1. Start with Low Levels and Aim Higher

You can jump on objects and increases their heights as you become better and better always. It could be stools, chairs or the tables that have different progressive heights.  This is going to give you an idea of how you are improving on your practice and hence make the necessary adjustments and improvements.


  1. Do a Lot of Squats to Ensure That You Improve Energy in The 7 tips To Jump High


Squats are the small jumps that people do as normal exercises. They help a lot, and they are considered as among the tips to jump high. Squats improve your energy levels, and your jumps are going to be excellent because your body would be perfectly trained.


  1. Build Your Leg Strength To Get Enough Jumping Force


Try to stretch your legs, make sure that you go to the gym and ensure that you practice as much running as possible. This is going to make your legs have the power to produce enough jumping force that can take your body to greater heights.


  1. Increase Flexibility and Stretch Ability for you To Jump High


You can practice jumping the summer salts which is a good way to ensure that you train your body to go to greater heights. Practice the best high jumps because this is what will make you become used to the 7 tips to jump high. Jumping becomes excellent with time as one practice daily to become a professional.