2There are several techniques used to increase your vertical jumps and improve your leg muscle. These exercises help you become more explosive and increase you jumping power. Such exercises include the different types of squats discussed below as well as other leg exercises. Today we shall be looking at 5 exercises you should incorporate in your workout routine to increase your vertica;


  1. Squat Technique


Your jump workout is not complete without the squat technique, whether you prefer the back squat technique with a bar or using weights. As you squat with weights or the bar, you are applying force on your leg muscle, therefore building overall leg muscle strength. This is a vital exercise that helps you increase your vertical. When performing the squat technique, begin light and sustain a rhythmic motion. With time as your form improves, increase your squat pace and as well as accent by pushing your feet on the ground and rising up should first.


  1. Jump Squats


This form of squat exercise is quite similar to the first squat technique, however, it incorporates a jump as you rise from the squat. In order to perform a correct jump squat, begin by standing on your feet wise apart. Start by doing a regular squat and then engage your core and then jump. When you land back on the ground, immediately fall back into a squat position to complete one jump squat.


  1. Squat Raise Armpit


The squat raise armpit is relatively easy to master and involves your core. It is recommended for beginners as it does not require any Olympic lifting although it incorporates speed. It is a simpler version of squats that require intensive weight lifting while performing squats. This technique is helps you increase your vertical as it develops shoulder strength as well as hip motion, a vital aspect in jumping. Spread your legs and plant them flat on the ground and using two dumbbells each, on one hand, perform a squat and as you come back up, raise the dumbbells up to your armpits.


  1. Single Leg Exercise


There are several types of the single leg exercise in which you can master to increase your vertical, one of them being the box blast. To perform the box blast, stand with one foot planted flat on a box with your arms bent 90 degrees at the elbow. Jump vertically and explode your arms through the leg in front. Make sure that you extend your knee, hip and ankle. Repeat this technique continuously without stopping. By doing this, you will feel it working on your legs and hips.


Overall, we believe that these squat exercises, as well as the single leg exercise, will increase your vertical and enable you to reach greater heights.