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If you are looking for the best way to drastically increase your vertical jump, Squat Flex is the answer.


To Jump higher and increase your vertical jump, you must have both strength and quickness.  Quickness is developed through explosion exercises, while squats is the best way to increase your strength because it works the major muscle groups for jumping.


The Problem with squats traditionally done.


1) The traditional back squat that has the bar on your shoulders places lots of pressure on your spine. Your form has to be flawless, and even then, overdoing the back squat can compress your vertebrae and damage your spine. Squished soft tissue in between your vertebrae over time can cause great pain.


2) Most likely, need to drive and belong to a gym that has the squat rack and weights needed to squat


3) Need others to work with you (spotters) if you desire to greatly increase weight without hurting yourself.


Squat Flex Vertical Jump Building System Advantages


1) Can use it in the comfort of your own home, with no need of spotters.


2) Places little load on your back, thus decreasing the risk of injury or pain.


3) Offers over 600 lbs of resistance, without massive weights or equipment.


4) The machine can be used by a rookie or even the most advanced athlete because of the seven bands of resistance available.


Squat Flex: How it Works


The Squat Flex is based on a variant of the squat called the Hack Squat. You hold on to the bar behind your legs and then stand up. It’s a beautiful solution to squat training for vertical jump because it places much less load on your spine. All the resistance is focused on your quadriceps and all the work is done purely below the waist.


For vertical leap training, building the quadriceps is important because of all the muscles in your body, the quadriceps contribute the most force to getting you flying upward.


Squat Flex uses quality elastic bands. You nest multiple bands within bands to “gang” them up to incredibly high poundage / resistance levels. Just take Squat Flex Seven out of the box and measure your one rep max hack squat. Follow the included workout program designed to steadily increase your max.