3Jumping is a part of many sporting and outdoor activities in the USA and all over the world. Jumping is a vital part of basketball, football, baseball, soccer and rugby, therefore, having a good jump is a must to excel in outdoor or field sports. In essence, if there is throwing and catching involved, jumping is too.


The Importance of Jumping Exercises


Jumping exercises are vital for sports and recreational purposes not just for kids but also for adults. Naturally, athletes know the importance of jumping exercises to improving their performance in sports, but to the average person doing simple exercises like long walks and jogging will suffice. Apart from the benefits of speed and efficiency in competitive sports, jumping exercises have various health benefits. It helps in keeping the heart healthy and in good working condition; jumping exercises also help to tone the muscles, keeping the muscles well toned and in good shape; jumping exercises help burn a lot of calories – 10 minutes of jumping can burn up to 100 calories; it also helps to improve balance and sharpen reflexes.


Examples of Jumping Exercises


Jump Rope: Jump rope is a jumping exercise that strengthens the calf and improves vertical jumping.


Squats: Squatting also helps in building the calf muscles, providing more strength for lifting during jumping.


The deadlift: Grab a barbell and bend the knees and hips, with the hands beyond the shoulder push yourself to a standing position thrusting your hips forward as you lift the weights.


The Jump Squat: Hold a pair of dumbbells by the side with your palms facing each other, and jump as high as you can, landing softly with your knees bent.


Box Jump: lower your body; drive your arms down, and push your hips back; jump onto the bench and land. Step down and continue repeatedly.


The Barbell Grip: Hold your barbell across your upper back, with your knees bent back and back arched slightly, bend your hips until parallel to the floor and rise up.


Plyometric Exercises: Plyometrics are jumping training that includes very intensive and powerful exercises that builds up the major muscles of the body that the body during jumping.


Vertical jumps are a great way to stay in shape no matter the age or sex. Jumping exercises are mostly easy to do and can be done anywhere anytime. Not all jumping exercises require fancy equipments; it is a great way to build the muscles of the lower body and to sharpen reflexes. Jumping exercises can help improve strength, stamina, and agility; making daily tasks easy to perform. There are basically no down sides to doing jumping exercises; the only precaution to be taken is choosing the right pace.