cropped-uss-nimitz-basketball-silhouettes-sea-69773.jpgA great vertical jump will not require you to possess the genes of a basketball superstar or unique footwear or even years of training.  With the simple tips that we will provide to you, you can increase vertical jump and out-rebound your basketball opponents in just a matter of few weeks.  Your vertical jump is a vital asset for the player to possess.  It can increase your team’s motivation, enthusiasm and confidence.


Activities Designed to Increase Vertical Jump


The first thing you need to do is to measure your vertical jump.  You won’t be able to increase vertical jump if you cannot measure it.  You may ask a friend of yours to help you measure your jump.


Depth Jumps


A depth jump can be executed through stepping off the box and then jumping as high as you can the moment your feet touches the surface.  This drill will teach your lower body to activate during the time that your body needs to catch air.  You may start by finding a box that is about 6-8 inches above the ground.  Stand on top of the box and step off.  Immediately jump your highest possible jump as soon as your feet land on the ground.  Allow your body to land in an athletic posture.  Take some time to recover then repeat the process.  Try to complete at least 3 reps during your initial try and gradually increase it as the week passed.  Doing this activity consistently will increase vertical jump.


Bulgarian Split Squat


Your legs would be the driving force of your vertical jump; unfortunately, not many of us train our legs that much.   By Doing Bulgarian Split Squat, you will be able to boost the strength of your leg and improve balance.  Doing this practice is just simple.  First, stand a few steps away from the bench and place your other leg on the bench.  The edge of the foot should rest on the surface.  Take the dumbbell in each of your hands and try to stand straight.  Slowly descend, until such time that your knee will almost touch the floor.  Using the heel of the foot that is on the floor, push yourself upward and back to your original position.  Try it for at least 8 reps and just like the depth jumps gradually add reps to increase vertical jump.


Untie the Muscle Knots


Muscle knots also referred to as trigger points are found in the different parts of the body.  It limits the length of the tissue and makes them weak.  To help you get rid of these muscle knots, you may use a foam roller that will stretch your muscle.  Use it in your calves, hip, outer thigh and your quads.


That’s about it; it is as simple as these 3 exercises.  There are players who can increase vertical jump by following these steps.  Try not to hesitate if you want to improve with your jump.