images-2How to choose the best vertical Jump course for yourself


Vertical jumping has really become so popular nowadays, and people are ready to kill just to learn how to jump high. With the advent of vertical jump training programs, dunking is not only for the professionals. Any one can dunk a basket ball, if they learn the basic jumping tricks.


There are many jump training systems that have been developed over the past few years. Though most of these systems really work, some do not. That is why it is very important to trust which of them you want to purchase for your jumping needs.


There are comprehensive reviews on the internet for most of these programs. Make sure you read them so you don’t loose you money on a program that will not work. Anyway, I have out lined some few things you should look into a jumping program to determine if it is a good program or not. These points will help you locate a good jump manual which will perfectly satisfy your needs.


A good vertical jump system must have the following factors:


The program should preferably include videos and good pictures:


It is usually said: actions speak loader that words. A vertical jump training pram with videos showing you how to do the exercise is far better than one which only uses literature and still pictures. It has been proven that studying through videos actually increases your chances of understanding by a huge 60%


Personal Follow-up coaching:


This is so vital to complement a vertical jump training system. The author of the training system should personally communicate with you, maybe though emails or phone. This always acts like a great source of motivation for the athletes.


The track record of the creator of the training program


This is very important. Some jump manuals out there are created by people who know little or nothing about jumping. You have to make sure the creator of the jumping program you are interested in, has actually been working with jumps, and have the skills required in teaching people how to jump higher.