jump-rope-1443645__480A lot of people, mostly athletes look for ways to increase their vertical jump. This allows them to play better and score more; however, it is not an easy task. Training to increase your vertical jump is a strenuous task that will require you to work hard and know the exact vertical jump exercises to use so as to achieve your goal. Another thing is to find a way to increase both your speed and power. All these go together in helping to increase your vertical, and it should be your main point of focus when training.


  1. Jumping rope as vertical jump exercises


It sounds so simple, but it is a great way to increase your vertical jump and generate more explosive strength. It is the perfect way to start your work out to warm up your body and get your heart pumping. If you can try as much as possible to skip as fast as you can without having to stop or touching the rope with your feet. This will help you focus and stay in control.


  1. Bodyweight and jump squats as vertical jump exercises


Using body weights while doing squats are great vertical jump exercises since when you are squatting at your lowest, it is exactly the same position you may go on when doing your vertical jump. The weights give you additional strength and power which is necessary to getting the perfect high vertical jump. Once you have mastered these, you can start doing jump stats that require you to leap from your lowest position. You may want to start slow on this since you could easily injure yourself.


  1. Jumping over hurdles as vertical jump exercises


These vertical jump exercises help you practice how to leap with enough power to get you to the other side. Running and jumping hurdles is the perfect combination to help you gain both speed and power which as earlier mentioned are mandatory to improve your jump. Do this up to 5 times which is equal to 40 hurdles twice a week.

  1. Calf raise as vertical jump exercises


Thin and weak calves will do nothing for you as far as improving your vertical jump is concerned. You need to build your calf muscles as these will give you the power and support that you need to improve your jump. To achieve this, you need to do about 1000 raises per day. They may seem like a lot of vertical jump exercises, but these will help you learn how to execute the jump seamlessly. Try breaking them into sets of 10 each to make it more manageable.


  1. Vertical jumps as vertical jump exercises


If you are training to increase your vertical jumps, then you need to actually try doing it as vertical jump exercises once in a while. This will help you gauge if there are any improvements till you perfect it.


Combining the right kind of exercises with enthusiasm and hard work is all important when you are training in vertical jump exercises. This will ensure that you understand your body and how to make it perform its best.