stretching-498256__480Do you want to know how to jump higher? Unless you know how to use some magic, you definitely need to work on something. However, for those who want to rely on reality-based solutions, engaging in workout would be the best option. As you know, exercise can train your muscles to jump even higher.


If you think that you only need to focus on workouts that target your legs and lower body, then you are wrong. You also need to train your upper body since your entire body will be needed to perform a vertical explosion. Vertical explosion needs muscle strength and agility to be able to take a leap off the ground. As you go on improving such skills, your jump would become higher and higher eventually.


This article will help you get started with the exercises you need in order to improve your vertical jump.


What to Do?


Now, bear in mind that these best stretches to jump higher should be done at least 3 times a week. Perhaps you can have it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while the remaining days in between will be spent for your rest and basketball.


The first exercise you need to learn is step ups. Step-ups will train your muscles to endure the explosiveness you will need on a high jump. First thing to do, you may need to stand across a chair or any object while placing your right leg on top of it. Second, jump as high as you can while switching your legs before landing. Do the same on you left leg. You can have this for 25 repetitions in 3 sets.


Afterwards, you can proceed with the second exercise, the burnouts. Burnouts will boost you acceleration that you will need for your high leaps. First, you need to stand apart with your arms place at the sides. Second, jump 3 to 4 inches using only the balls of your two feet. Right after landing, jump again and do this for 30 repetitions on each set.


Last but not the least; you should learn how to do the squat hops. Squat hops add explosiveness to your legs during the jump. First, perform a low squat position. Second, raise your body until you reach the tip of your toes. Third, jump approximately from 2 to 3 inches while doing the squat position. Do this continuously for 25 repetitions in 3 sets.


It would be better to perform these best stretches to jump higher, with some warm-ups in between each exercise to add some spice to the workout. You may not notice it during the workout, but your muscle is building up, and it will prepare you for your desired higher jump.